Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LOVE Letters

This post isn't about what you think. Remember these?

Twisted Twig

I'm super in love with them Kelsey did such an amazing job getting them out to me for the wedding. She's such a sweetheart.

I'm still going through wedding stuff and trying to figure out what to do with everything. These letters have been repurposed as home decor. I've seriously gotten quite a bit of use out of them.

Props during pictures and decoration by the card box

indigo foto

And now they look fantastic on our bedroom wall.

phone pic

phone pic

Do you have any plans to re-purpose your wedding details?


  1. CUTE!!!! Love things that can then double as something you can use in your home! We are thinking of getting anthropologie letter mugs that spell "love" and we can actually use them in our home after the wedding!

  2. AHhh I love that!!! So cute! I was thinking I might do giveaways with some of my wedding details to some future brides..I am sure some stuff will be hard for me to part with though!

  3. @sharon:The mugs are way more useful and practical!
    @bride-onicles: Every weekend I pick a different box to go through. There's so much stuff but I can't really part with anything.

  4. That photo with the letters as props is so cute! Mr. B and I are still trying to decide on a way to showcase our wedding wish cards in a home decor way. We were a stuff heavy wedding too, but everything found it's place or a new home fairly quick after the wedding.

  5. beautiful! I am so glad you still love them & are using them in your home! hooray!:)


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