Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to have your cake...and eat it too!

This picture was actually up on our wedding website

Confession time: I'm still in possession of my wedding cake. It's not wrapped up in copious amounts of aluminum foil and stuffed into a hard to reach corner of the freezer. It's actually on display in our home.  I get a little thrill every time I walk by it. I'll admit it's not as perfect as it once was but it still makes me go...awwww.

These are the top 3 tiers

The dummy cake was a practical choice for us.  Since my mom and sister were going to make my cake, the easiest way to get it done was to make it a little less than edible. They were able to start working on the cake weeks in advance. They only had to worry about the sheet cakes in the days before the wedding.

Guest pic - chocolate cake w/ edible pansies

The sheet cakes were delicious! They were able to make the three flavors I wanted - chocolate with caramel and chocolate ganache, vanilla with passionfruit and cheesecake with a red velvet bottom. They were minimally decorated and quick & easy for the catering staff to serve. Best part? No icky fondant for guests to scrape off of their cake. I personally don't mind the stuff but I know many people like the look but not the taste. Problem solved.

We had one real tier which was ingeniously marked with the words "cut here". It fit the theme too so bonus! That tier was quickly consumed the following day.

indigo foto

In all honesty I was lucky to have bakers in the family (Con Amore) who were gifting me the cakes. In some instances it may turn out to be a less expensive option. In others it may turn out to be the same or more expensive. I only know that this worked really well for us.

I loved my cake! I love seeing it on a regular basis. Yeah, I know that I'll have to get rid it of at some point but for now I'm loving having it around.

What are your cake plans? Would you consider the dummy cake route?


  1. OMG that is awesome that you have your cake on display, It looks amazing!

  2. I love that you get to see your cake everyday! Our cake is going to have ribbon on it and I didn't think about the ribbon getting in the way when we cut into it... I'll have to talk to our cake designer about that!


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