Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a deal!

True story - There's nothing on my walls. They are however painted some very bright hues. Purple for the bedroom, blue for the living room, pinkish-redish for the dining and kitchen areas. It's really quite lovely, it just sounds worse than it is.


How pretty is that purple?

I say all that to say there's a deal over at Daily Candy to put some art on those walls. I was thinking we could start decorating with wedding pics.

The deal is for where you can turn your photos into canvas art.

like so:

So what do you think?


  1. I love bright colors! We painted all our rooms with fun, different colors: blue-gray in the living room, a lighter navy in our bedroom, robin's egg blue in the guest bedroom, and a red in the office. That purple is SO pretty.

  2. @Kelly: For a long time color on the walls was my major "decor". If I had more room's robin's egg blue would be the color.

  3. I love the purple. We got really daring and painted our bedroom two different colors. Hard to explain but two walls are a green color and the other two are a blueish green. Sounds weird but it looks awesome. Growing up my bedroom was bright orange. When I go home for a visit I still love the orange walls

  4. Mr. C got me a canvas of one of our photos for my birthday. It's amazing, I really love it!

    I also LOVE the purple on your walls!

  5. Purple is charming and nice. light colors always bring elegance to the bed rooms . Pink ice blue always blend with white and ideal for newly married couples bed room i guess.

  6. I like canvas art, I ordered an 8x10 of one of our engagement photos from snapfish as a trial and I love how it came out, next time I will go bigger! :)


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