Friday, December 2, 2011

Photo prop idea

Personal pic

This was a completely accidental idea we came up with on the day of the wedding. On a previous shopping trip to Target I purchased a pack of foam hearts.


It must've been late January or early February because I was thinking of doing something for the cake business ( Shameless plug: Con Amore check out the blog.. new pictures are up!).

Then I thought....

Maybe I could do something for the wedding. So they floated around my living room for months. On the last weekend trip to Michael's I picked up a barrel of foam stickers like these:


Mine were letters and numbers though.

I figured it could be an activity for the kids table. Sister shot that down and said the peel off backing would make a mess. She was probably right.

Soooo.... cut to the day of the wedding I had them in my parents' house and Cousin C came up with a brilliant idea. She could make thank you hearts!! Sweet!

We went a little overboard see. . .

Cousin C made a bunch and the flower girls and ring bearer helped.

It was an unintentional good idea.

We used some as photo props plus it totally kept the younger wedding party members occupied while we were getting our makeup done. It kept the older ones occupied too.



  1. How cute! Some of the kids I watch have had these and your sis was right, the peel off back's always end up everywhere! But the kids do find them to be so much fun! What a great last min project.


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