Friday, August 19, 2011

Addressing the Group (Part 2)

Since I had to enter names anyway I decided to get creative. Some of the invites will veer from convention and Emily Post will most likely be dismayed. C'est la vie!

Part of the reason is the size of the labels. I just can't get that much info on them.

Married Couples

Some married couples will get the standard greeting. Some will get the "& Guest" which I know is a bit improper. Others may only get first names. All due to my whims and fancies and dependent on our relationship to the couple.

Married couples with children over 18

Yeah, I'm using really tiny labels so those are going to be an all inclusive "Lastname Family". Sorry?

Dating (living together / not living together)

This is where I got tricky. A lot of people received plus ones. There are a couple of couples where I just did "& Guest".

There are a few others where I was very specific by including their significant other right there on the address label (living together or not). 

See, this is because we like their significant other ( we think they're super rad). He/she is
invited so no  "& guest" just in case they think that means they should bring their brother, cousin , mother, neighbor instead of the super rad signif other we adore. 
You've been warned.  

And I had a little fun with some couples who aren't engaged yet but are practically married. I did a Jack & Jill Smith as a little "wink, wink, nudge,nudge".

Some people got honorary titles they may or may not have actually earned.

I hope no one is offended. It's all with the best of intentions.

:: sheepish grin::


  1. good points there! I did mine specifying names so I wouldn't get surprises... can't say it worked hehe ;) Amy

  2. Lol. You're funny. There's just way too many situations now and no one knows the etiquette except for Aunt Martha anyway. Glad you had some fun with it!!!

    p.s. got a giveaway over at Dual Coast. Check it out!!

  3. lol the guests should expect nothing less...i'm sure there will be no one offended

  4. Have some fun with it, girl!! No one will even notice.

  5. Your too funny, putting a Mr. and Mrs. on the none married couples who should be engaged! LOL!


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