Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Music to get Ready To


Being a fan of most music, it's hard to narrow down my song list. Plus, I have a few guilty pleasures and eclectic eccentrities that I'm sure the majority of our guests aren't so interested in.

To set the mood as we get prettified I've chosen some girly anthemic party thumping tunes as well as some slinky sexy feel good jams. This may not be accurate descriptors of the sampling I'm providing below but just trust me.

Here's my PSP (Pretty Sexy Playlist)

You'll notice there's some Britney, a dash of Beyonce and a sprinkle of Madonna. Can you say Girl Power?

Notes on the PSP:

The Marie Digby song is sooo cute but I can't see it being played at the reception so here's is where you'll find it.

That Fascinating Thing is still on the short list for the garter toss but just in case it gets the axe I'll enjoy it as I get dressed.

Yes that is a Lindsay Lohan song. It's really not that bad.

And yes that's a Leighton Meester song. I am not ashamed.

What will you be grooving to as you get ready?


  1. Good options and super idea to play them as you get ready if you can't have them at the ceremony or reception!

  2. I hadn't even thought to do this, what a great idea (and great picks!)

  3. I haven't even thought about the getting ready music... so your post was an inspiration!

    I'd probably need something a little more chill to calm the nerves, but I do like your list. ;-)


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