Monday, August 22, 2011

The Worst Man


knock knock
who's there?

What's a little wedding planning without drama. So far we've been pretty lucky on the drama front. Things kind of work themselves out or I just whatever it and tada no more drama.

Let's rundown the previous drama so you can catch up:

And now I present some groomsman drama.

I don't want to paint this groomsman as evil or devoid of a soul but take it how you will. Keep in mind this story is entirely one-sided and he probably tells a different tale.

Back story

Mr. H has this groomsman let's call him. . . Peet (cause that's his name, well not really). Peet is one of his "upstate lake friends". Mr. H has a bunch of these "upstate lake friends" that he grew up with. One of Mr. H's other friends (his best friend & best man) is getting married in October. Peet is a groomsman in both weddings. We recognize this to be a hardship and we know he's very busy ( he's very important, didn't you know?) so we've cut him some slack on the GM duties. 

Apparently, Peet was way looking forward to the bachelor party (they decided to have just one for the both of them). More specifically, he was looking forward to the prospect of strippers at the bachelor party. Both Mr. H and his best man nixed that in favor of something a little more low-key. He tried to exert some Peet pressure but the guys held their ground which displeased Dr. Peet greatly. Did I forget to mention his doctorate? He doesn't.

Here's the drama:

The weekend they were supposed to have the bachelor party the best man canceled but Mr.  H went upstate anyway. He may have neglected to tell Peet that the party was canceled. Peet had to scramble to tell people not to show up. Mr. H could've done a better job of communicating, this is true. Peet was peeved ( tee hee to the word choice). A fight ensued. Not nice words were flung about. I wasn't there but Mr. H reports that Peet made a comment about my fella choosing me over him (Peet).  

Ummm... yeah that's kind of what happens in a relationship where rings are exchanged. 

A more physical fight was about to ensue when Mr. H's other friend grabbed him up and removed him from the deteriorating situation. On his way out Mr. H may have used some vulgar language and told Dr. Peet not to come to his wedding.

So now we're down one groomsman which is not so bad cause we had an extra anyway.



  1. Wedding party drama definitely sucks, but I feel like it comes with the territory. I've talked to very few people who haven't had an issue of some sort with the party.. I know I definitely have! In the end, your wedding is a celebration of your love with your friends and family - if someone is going to be petty and cause issues, you don't need them there. End of story.

    Hope you and Mr. H are ok with the loss <3

  2. I'm okay with the loss and so is Mr. H (on most days). It just sucks that his "friend" decided now was the time to act up.

  3. Yes his friend could have held back and there was no reason to bring you into it. Sorry this had to happen you guys are able to figure it out amicably.


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