Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaways & contests

1) First the shameless plug for the family cake business, Con Amore. Lil Sis works tirelessly to create posts for the blog. Please stop by and leave a comment. The cakes are pretty too. I promise!  Plus she'll be over the moon if you follow the blog.  As an added incentive they are running a giveaway - $50 credit to use however you wish on baked goods and treats and things. Head on over and enter the giveaway!

2) Sparkle & Hay is hosting a giveaway featuring the work of the Twisted Twig Etsy shop. Check out the shop and enter the giveaway. Just in case you need more convincing (from Twisted Twig):

I kinda really want these!!!

So cute!!!!

Swoon... reminds me of Gossip Girl

3) Heard about Storymix yet? Want to win a $200 wedding video package? Well what are you waiting for? Go enter the contest courtesy of Weddzilla! It ends this Friday, August 26th.


  1. Loving those xoxo it DOES remind me of gossip girl!! I'm checking out lil sis's blog now!!

  2. Oh how I wish I lived near Brooklyn now. Do they ship? LOL!

  3. @Shannon: We're actually putting together a shipping plan now! Worst case scenario: You get a free smushed cake. LOL!

    @Bride-onicles: I might bite the bullet and get those love letters. If I went back in time and had an engagement party I'd get the xoxo. They are too awesome!!

  4. Loves!! Now, maybe I can finally win something!!!! Off to try to my luck now.


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