Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sway with Me

I'm of two minds as we get closer to the wedding date. One part of me is all spend spend spend anytime I see a new pretty decor related item. The other part of me is thinking about the budget and is all cut cut cut. With this dueling dichotomy raging war in my bride brain, I still haven't made a decision about taking dance lessons.  

That is...until today!
Mr. H and I are totally doing a choreographed dance. You want to know who our fabulous choreographer is going to be?

Well it's not Debbie Allen.


It's Lil Sis! It's going to be A....wait for it....MAZING!!!!

Stop me if you've heard this one. She's going to choreograph our first dance. Technically she doesn't have any training to do this but she has experience (about 4 years of it). She's a pro from doing choreographed routines every year in high school. I think I'm in good hands. But besides the fact that this dance won't cost a thing, this is totally us. That's going to be evident come November. Don't worry this is going to aaaawesome! Trust me.

How are you tackling the first dance?


  1. We're doing a traditional first dance, but our bridal party dance is going to be choreographed! How fun!

  2. We are doing a choreographed dance also!

  3. I am in the same boat..I want I want I want..I don't need don't need dont need..then I go and spend $200 on something totally ridiculous like new earrings or rings..I need to get my priorities straight..lol!!

  4. My brain battled between spending and cutting. Without wanting to confuse you, though you'll know as you know your dress, when I first went for dress alterations she asked about our first dance. I said we were going to do a self taught fox trot and straight away she said even with my dress bustled they'll still be too much material there for me to be able to step backwards. So she suggested we just sway. In the end we did a bit of both.

  5. you should record the rehearsals... and then edit the video having the rehearsals and the final first dance ;) that will make such a beautiful memory for the time you renew vows in 25 years ;) Tiff

  6. @Tiffany: That's such a good idea!!!
    @AlwaysWright: I'll have to remember that at the fitting. Good point!

  7. Glad you liked the idea!! hope to see the result ;) Tiff

  8. love love love it..so excited..can't wait..just to get the cubby on the same page...work in progress..shall call you this week! muah


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