Saturday, September 17, 2011

Details Details Details

You've seen the bits and pieces but how about some close up shots.  

Last invite post?  Maybe.

*All the names are changed on the invite. I didn't want to blur anything.

Because of the size I was able to print 2 sets on each sheet of paper.

You might be able to see but I put a slight border around each card to help line up where to cut.

If you look closely at the design in the corner you'll see that those aren't fall leaves. Those are the card suits. I love that detail.

Here's another picture of the RSVP card. Note the heart stamp. Here's how I decided to make the whole process unnecessarily complicated but fun for me.

I ordered 4 different stamps, one for each suit. The clubs and spades I stamped with purple ink. The hearts and diamonds with silver ink.

Wanna know a secret?

I might have mentioned that I did the seating chart before I sent out the invites. That's because I'm only having 4 tables. 4 really long tables. Each table is named after a card suit. Get where I'm going yet?

Each invite was stamped with a suit for the table where they will be seated.

See those piles? It was very important to keep them separate since they were in piles according to table/card suit. This also meant I had to keep it organized after we wrapped them so they would get the proper address labels.

Now the cool part is that our guests won't realize this until the wedding. Since people are grouped together even if they check with other invitees they'll most likely have the same stamp.

This is more for my personal amusement. Some people will get it later and have an "AHA" moment which I think is cool.

**Special thanks go out to the very generous and patient (sometimes) friend who designed the stamps and the invites**

Are you incorporating any details that are for your own amusement?


  1. I seriously LOVE your invites! How unique and clever!!

  2. Love this idea.. seeing that AHA moment will be great!

  3. I like your celtic border on your invites, very pretty.


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