Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Assembly Required

These weren't the most complicated invitations to put together even though the entire process, from design to mailing, took about 9 months. And umm... I'm going to be posting about these like all week. Sorry?

Here's how it went down.

I wrote about my trials and tribulations getting them printed. The step after that was getting them cut.

Sister took on that task. She's so focused!

Then there was the edge rounding, bunny punching party. The bunnies were a last minute addition after I saw all the strips of paper left over from cutting out the invitation and RSVP cards.
Hubbay Cubbay Crew!

HCC 4 Life

Sister generously allowed me to do the RSVP card embossing.
I knocked those out while watching Lord of the Rings ( Filthy Hobbittses!)

It took about a week or so to finish off the big stamp on the invitation cards. That was super time consuming and  I was super impatient. It was a good job for Sister. She experimented with different methods to get a clean stamp and once she found a rhythm there was no stopping her. The best method involved a Zagat guide and steady hands. Who knew?

She did a really good job!

After the prep it was time to put it all together. Thank goodness for minions!

How long did it take to put together your invitations?


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