Monday, September 5, 2011

Musical Musings

This isn't our first dance song but I thought it might make a cute choice for an alternative thinking couple who wanted to do more than just sway.
The lyrics are what really sell this one for me:

You and I
Could paint the sky together
As the world goes by
We'll go on forever

Look into my eyes (eyes)

Eyes are the windows to the soul
Look into my eyes
Eyes are the window

There is no surprise
Eyes, because love is plain to see
Look into my eyes
Eye [?x]

If not a first dance song how about montage music for a slide-show of engagement pictures or for the highlight reel from the wedding.

Just throwing it out there.

Here are some other songs that could work as montage music.

Marathon by Tennis makes me think of a nautical inspired photo shoot or wedding.

And this song is just too cute to leave out even though I couldn't find it on Grooveshark.
Possible use -- Quirky save the date video perhaps

Heart Skips a Beat by Lenka

Would you use any of these songs? What songs are you considering?

p.s. Last day to get entered in the giveaway!


  1. We have not picked our first dance song yet but I know I need to do this asap!!

  2. Love these picks.. very much love Lenka's :) Too cute and catchy!


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