Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Sequins of Things

So in the last minute planning stuff I've noticed an unintentional trend emerging. Sequins!
I knew there would be some glittery things but not sequins.

Where's the sparkle?

These awesome LOVE Letters from amazing Etsy seller Twisted Twig.

They are gorgeous!!!

Have you seen my dancing shoes?


Now check out the ring bearer pillow. That's Burchess on top from Etsy seller Dog Barks. Since my puppy couldn't attend, this is a nod to him. What up pup!


Any unexpected trends show up last minute?


  1. Yes! For me it was bows.
    If someone told me beforehand I would've turned my nose up lol.

  2. @AlwaysWright: When I was dress shopping I keep screaming "No bows!" LOL!

  3. OMG I LOVE that you incorporated your dog into the ring bearer pillow. I wish our pup was well behaved enough to be in our wedding would prob run away and we would spend the ceremony searching for him and shouting his name to come


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