Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Despite my best efforts I was still working on the programs the week of the wedding. 

Here’s why:

1) RSVPs took a bit longer than I anticipated so I was still trying to finalize guests and seating.

2) My computer went into a coma and I needed to get her fixed in order to do the programs. (Sidebar: I always back everything up but my little princess of a computer spazzed out right before I could back up my latest work. )

3) Of the three sets of eyelets I bought to use, only one set worked properly so the last weekend before the wedding I was in Michael’s buying more.

So that’s the back story and here’s the final product.

personal pic

I love how they turned out. They were a beast to get done but so worth it for me.

One side has all of the ceremony information. I did 4 pages: Order of ceremony, Wedding party, readings and acknowledgments. There was also a cover and back page. On the last page of the ceremony side it said…

Once you flipped it over you had the seating chart for the reception.  Remember the invitations? The RSVP card in the invitation was stamped with a card suit. That suit indicated their table assignment. it wasn’t completely accurate since I had to reassign some people to the kids tables but it was accurate for about 85% of the guests. I hope some people had an a-ha moment. I love those!

Each page on that side listed the guests at each table. Luckily, I could add the three extra kid tables on the last page which was only supposed to say “turn me over”.

ceremony side

seating chart for the reception

Next up: Programs in detail

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  1. Love the DIY programs. So cute. My husband and I were also working on our wedding programs up until the week of the wedding, unfortunately for us we had none of your excellent excuses, we simply Procrastinated doing them! haha.


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