Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Did I Do That? - Reprise*

*I'm soooo ticked at Blogger for losing my original post and not fixing it yet. I don't even have the energy to redo it properly. Plus, I really can't remember how it was originally.
I just checked another major thing off my to-do list. I booked my makeup artist. Here’s the thing. . . I didn’t do a trial and I technically haven’t even spoken to her. Whoops? We emailed back and forth and then BAM! I booked her. It’s a package deal so she’ll do the makeup for the bridal party as well. Now of course I did my due diligence on the internet. And wanna know something cool?


She did Mrs. Swan’s makeup! Ellen B has awesome reviews & is BEE approved so I think I’m in great hands.

I’m not really a makeup person and I’m pretty indecisive so this is going to be interesting. 
I’ve begun the process of trying to figure out what I want my makeup to look like. First off, I tried to identify some famous people with similar coloring.

This is a good group.

Next, I have to find pictures of them with different looks I like.

Perhaps a little drama for the eyes?

Bold lips?

Something a bit more natural and light?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. I didn't do a trial at all and I LOVED the way my hair and makeup turned out. It helped that my stylist was recommended highly by my regular stylist (who was out of town the week of my wedding). It sounds like you did your research!

  2. Ohh good call with finding people with similar coloring, etc, to get make up ideas. I never would have thought of that, lol. Congrats on booking the makeup artist!

  3. Hahahha good to know that I am not the only one booking their mua blind. I am sure both of our vendors will be exceptional!


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