Monday, May 2, 2011

April Wrap-up & May Gear up

April wasn’t that bad. I did manage to get a few things accomplished but I still have some unfinished business. May is the month of unfinished business. After all . . .

we're at the six month mark!

We'll be finishing up the invitations this month. I needed to order ::ahem:: some supplies. 

Still working on that florist figure. I'm really close though. They just have to mock some things up to estimate the cost.

Get another quote for lighting.

Nail down a date and location for the engagement session.

Send out those Save the dates {sort of}

Finish (?) up the ceremony programs

Order Bridesmaid dresses!

That’s enough for one month.

What's on your agenda for May?


  1. Yay May! Can you believe it's almost 6 months away now!? Time is flying! I'm suppose to get my dress in this month.. soo.. *fingers crossed!*

  2. 6 month mark - it'll go quick. Would you believe I'm now at the 7 week mark...! Eeeek. Got hotel rooms to book, book kennels for the dogs, rings still to do...

  3. Hi! New follower from Weddingbee! Congrats on the 6 month mark! Feel free to stop by my blog anytime! :-)


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