Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Wrap-up & June Gear up

Surprise, I didn’t really make much progress on my May agenda so over they go to June. I did start pricing BM dresses but then changed my mind for two of them. I sent out my save the dates and realized that I can't really do the programs this early.  I plan on putting the seating assignments on the back of the programs so I guess I should wait for the RSVPs. ::rolls eyes:: 

Now that I'm past the six month mark this here wedding thing is getting mighty serious. I'm calling this phase two. I'm not sure yet if there's a phrase three. I'll let you know in September.

Phase one was the planning and booking stage. Phase two is all about the little details (this is the hard part).

I’ve been stuck in phase 1 for. . . oh I don’t know. .. two years or so. I’m not quite out of it yet but I hope to be through with it by the end of June when we finish booking all of our major vendors. 

Here are the Johnny-come-latelys:

Catering – There wasn’t  a big rush for this since the caterer is exclusive to the venue and it’s a huge chunk of change to plunk down. We have the contract in hand and Mr. H is putting the check in the mail this week.  

Florist – I’ve changed my tactic (more on this later) on this one so come hell or high water I booking this puppy by the end of June. “Nuff said!

Lighting – I might bite the bullet and drop some deposit dough in the lighting guy's lap this month. 

Hair – I think we might be going the salon route since there are a lot of us women folk with hair that needs doing.  On the other hand I don’t trust the salon to have us out in time. Like with makeup I think I like the idea of a dedicated stylist in my house focused on us and not other things. We'll see what Sister says.

Cocktail hour / reception entertainment -  Not sold on this yet but would it be super crazy to have a caricature artist or magician ( think close-up street magic  not birthday party clown)?



  1. The closer we get, the more real things seem! And you're right, for some reason those little details seem to be so much harder!! I don't really know why...but you're making great progress!

  2. Love the idea of a caricature artist! Adds an element of surprise for the wedding guests :) I'm still in "phase 1" of the wedding planning, but as our one year mark gets closer and closer, I totally sense the phase 2 coming on! I'm actually excited for it!

  3. It will all go so quick, that's all I can say. I'm having the hairdresser come to my house so it takes the pressure off me.

  4. Ahh.. it's getting so much closer!! I interned with a wedding planner at a wedding a couple months back and they had a caricature artist there (I even got mine done during downtime!) and it was a HUGE hit with all the guests! There was a huge line there all night long.. I thought it was such a neat idea!

    Also.. I'm having the hairdresser and makeup artist come to us (we'll probably all be staying at a hotel) and do our hair and makeup.. that way we can all just kinda chill and stay put and not have to worry about driving around.

  5. So far caricature artist beats magician. I'm going to go inquire about availability. @everyone: totally leaning towards having hairdresser come to us.

  6. I am having hair and make-up come to us too. It just seems less stressful. I am transitioning into stage 2 as well and it seems so much harder and so much more to do :(


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