Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Wrap-up & August Gear up

Oh Snizap!

We got quite a bit accomplished this month. All of the big stuff is set and almost all of the vendors are booked.

Lighting? - Check! I finalized the quote and the lighting guy said I didn't have to put down a deposit until September. 

Hair & Makeup ? – Check! Did a sort of hair trial (loved it!) and going to do the official makeup trial in August.

Bridesmaid dresses? - Check! As in mailing out a check this week.

Groomsmen attire? - Check! Put down a deposit at Men's Wearhouse.

DOC? - Sister has to make a decision next week and then that's done.

This will surely be an august August.
Big tings agwan! Big tings!!! Bupp! Bupp!

Caterpillar - Need to get the fabric and start sewing. We also need to figure out the hookah and the mushroom. Big Tings!!!

Invitations - This is invitation assembly month. I thought they were pretty simple but there are sooo many steps in the assembly process. It really will take all month. Still waiting on a vital part of the invite suite and if I don't get it in the next week....OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

Newsletter -- I can finally send this out now that I have the info for the groomsmen. Bupp!!! Bupp!!!

Decor stuff -- Time to get the votives! And the picture frames, a basket for the flip flops ( I have an idea about this one...hee hee) and whatever other random knicknacks I decide I have to have.

What big tings agwan wit you?


  1. A lot of checkmarks there on hat list... you're doing great!! XOX Nikki

  2. You are moving right along..I feel like I have been so busy with other stuff this month that wedding planning and blogging have taken the back burner..I need to move them back to the front!!!! I did have my hair and makeup trial tonight and that was a success..CHECK!!


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