Friday, March 11, 2011

Venue Lemons


When last I mentioned the venue I was perhaps a touch overly dramatic. I have since gained some perspective and calmed down a tad. Alas, I am still left with some lemons when it comes to the venue.

Lemon #1:  If you recall (and for those of you who don’t click here) I was very excited about my mock step and repeat, complete with fans and paparazzi. Because the museum will be open to the public during the event this is going to be a tricky thing to pull off, so it's getting...wait for it... NIXED!

Lemon #2: As part of the guest experience I wanted guests to be handed a drink (something non-alcoholic and refreshing) as soon as they walked in. You know, after they dropped the jackets and posed for the step and repeat. In order to achieve this I’m going to have to modify some things. Given these modifications, I don’t think guests are going to get the full experience I was going for soooo……NIXED! ( I might resurrect this one if we can come up with a viable work around.)

Lemon #3: This is by far the biggest bummer.  See this hallway:

We were going to create a “rose way” that led from the ceremony to the elevators up to the reception. In this “rose way” we were going to have topiaries with roses that would go from white to red with some half red (floral spray paint) and half white. Get it? Painting the roses red??? Anywho, it’s a public hallway so you know what happens now…NIXED! (I might re-purpose this idea because I really want this element to show up somewhere.) 

Sidebar: Do you think we should do white to red? Or white to purple?

Red doesn’t show up in the wedding at all but I like the unexpectedness of it.  Purple works because the cocktail hour is going to feature intense purples. Plus if I go with purple it’s not so literal an interpretation.

Discuss amongst yourselves and leave comments if you feel strongly either way.
 *hugs and fishes*


  1. I love the roses idea.. I really hope you can find a way to incorporate it. And I vote for using purple!

  2. I think either would look fine. If the red is what you truly want and people won't expect it.. I say go for it!


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