Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Save the Dates (sort of)


Technically I’m not doing save the dates. Originally, I wanted to do them. I have awesome (or so I thought) ideas for them but laziness set in. I couldn’t really get behind it. In my mind it was going to be an extra cost and extra effort. You know what I say to that?  Baaaah!

Don’t get me wrong I love Save the Dates. I enjoy looking at everybody’s cute ideas. I love how creative they can be. 


I just wasn’t willing to do them.

The other issue with Save the Dates is who to send them to. Ideally, I should send them to our out of towners. Yeah, about that….they all live across the pond. Extra cost. Not gonna happen.

Another issue was the idea that whoever I sent the Save the Dates to had to be invited to the wedding. I have commitment issues (Don’t tell Mr.  H). I’m super fickle! If you put a “have to” or a “must” in front of me I run the other way.  ( and no I’m not really trying to work on this character flaw.)

I am however a big fan of compromise. Here’s what I’ve decided to do instead.
I’m using Wedding Wire for our wedding website. WW has tons of great tools. One of which is an address collector. I’ve finally finalized the guest list so I can start using it.

A note about our guest list: there is no B list. If you’re going to get invited you’ll get an invitation the same time as everyone else. Any “extra” people will be last minute “friends” or reconnects. And we are trying our darndest not to make any new friends or reconnect with any old ones before November.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Wedding Wire. I’ve started to acquire emails and in a week or so I’m going to send those out with a link to update their mailing address and an invitation to visit the wedding website.

Here’s what I was thinking for the email:

Hi insert name here, 

You are receiving this email because you know one or more of these people ( K… or Mr. H, their parents Daddy & Mumsie or Papa H or Mama H). We would like to invite you to our wedding on 11.11.11 but we’ll need your address to do so. Please take a moment to update your address by clicking on the following link.

You can also use this opportunity to take a look around our wedsite by following this link.

Have a great day and an even better tomorrow!

So what do you think?


  1. I think that it's a great idea, as long as everyone on your guest list has email. I know in this day and age pretty much everyone does, but Mr. T insisted we do paper STD and invites as a lot of his family does not.

  2. I wasn't going to do Save the Dates at first, either. But we got bombarded with requests to do them. You know where that got us? Finding out that we have to pay 64 cents per invite to mail them. PLFTFFTTFTTF! So, we're going to be tacky and hand as many as we can to people and only mail those that HAVE to be mailed!

    I think your idea is a very good one.. sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get addresses from people and I have a couple people that won't respond to me and it's getting to the point where I just want to say "if you don't give me your address, you're not going to be invited." I hope it goes smoothly for you! =D

  3. I like it! It sounds like a great way to get the info you need in today's high-tech world, AND get your info out in lieu of an STD. Way to be budget savvy ;)


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