Saturday, October 8, 2011


Ack! It's naked!!!
Not Rufus!  My cake. Just go with me on this.

Here's the original sketch Sister drew.


Now look at her. . she's naked.

Not my sister! The cake. Geez!

Sister ordered the forms to make my cake and they arrived the other day. If you will remember we decided to do a fake cake with one real tier. The metal pan is where the real tier will be. It's a bit high for cutting but I think we'll survive.

I'm super excited!

We're set on the flavors ( vanilla with passionfruit buttercream, cheesecake with red velvet bottoms, chocolate with caramel). I was debating on adding a fourth flavor but I think this is enough.

but... if I could have your thoughts on carrot cake, is it yay or is it nay?


  1. I love carrot cake, but your other options sound just as yummy... Your cake is going to look so cool!

  2. Love all the options. This cake is going to be AMAZING!!!

  3. not a fan of carrot cake but i know tons of people who are! your cake is going to look (and taste) amazing!!

  4. Love your flavours. Never had the privelege of having red velvet. I adore topsy turvy cakes.

    p.s I've been wanting to comment on this post for ages but haven't been able to :(

  5. YAY to carrot cake!! My mom and dad did that at their wedding, and then my mom and stepdad actually did zucchini cake at their recent wedding! I'm a huge fan for both, and it's something different!


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