Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just the FAQs

It's time to add a FAQ page to our wedding website. I figure we're right about the time when people really start thinking about the wedding and formulating questions in their head. Why not have a whole page dedicated to these queries.

I've come up with the following questions:

1) What time does the ceremony start?

Easily answered with the start time of the processional and a ballpark time for the bride walking down the aisle.

2) What should I wear?

Best answered with pictures


Do indeed!


Excellent Source

3)When does the shuttle leave for the ceremony?

The plan is to put the shuttle schedule in more than one place on the website.

4) When does the shuttle leave for the hotel?

see above

5) What's on the menu?

*Pictures courtesy of Restaurant Associates

6) Can I get a cab in Brooklyn?

7) What about parking?

Thoughts? Anything else I should add?


  1. Here are the questions we posted on our  FAQ page. Check out the answers at
    The invitation I received did not specify whether or not I may bring a guest. How do I know if I can?
    Are children invited?
    When should I send in my RSVP?
    Will a children’s meal be served?
    What are the entree selection options?
    How long does it take to get to the venue location from Marlborough?
    When should I plan on arriving at the venue location?
    I didn’t receive a save the date; does that mean I’m not invited?
    Do you have a gift registry?

  2. can i change from chicken to fish?

  3. @sparkedlove11: Thanks for the additional questions! I checked out your website and it rocks!!!

  4. Sparkled kind of got everything! That being said, this a fantastic idea.. I've been trying to figure out how to include certain information on our site, and I think a general FAQ page is a perfect solution!


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