Friday, October 7, 2011

Pretty hands, Pretty feet

A lot of stuff is going on folks. It's crunch time!

I made good on at least one promise. Remember this post?
Breaking news!!!!

I've chosen my wedding day nail polish.

I did the Dashing Diva treatment. I highly recommend the salon. Firstly, it doesn't smell toxic like most salons. Everything they put on you smells wonderful and good enough to eat. Secondly, they love massages. Seriously. 

I went for the all out diva mani-pedi. I've got alligator digits so this was well worth it.
But I started off trying to tell you about nail colors soooo. . .

For my fingers*

For my toes*

Anybody else thinking about finishing touches for their bridal look?

*note: I'm super indecisive so this too may change.


  1. I think those are cool colors ;) I have my manicure done every week... but I sure think this diva treatment is to die for!!!

  2. very nice! I love it!


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