Thursday, October 27, 2011


A sign from our last Atlantic City visit

Earlier this week we did a walk-through of the venue with  most of the vendors. It was a hassle to work out a time that fit everyone's schedule but I thought it was useful. 

It was great for everybody to see the space, get all of the technical info, ask questions and get a global picture of the wedding beyond their area of expertise. I definitely appreciate the vendors who showed up (shout out to Kiss the Bride Films, DJ Gaza of 74 Events, Sara Kate Events, Midtown Florist).

My DJ and my DOC are both super awesome! They've worked together before so I have total confidence that the flow of the night will be perfect (or as perfect as things can be with people involved).

After the morning meetings, we did the final fitting. Sister learned the bustle. 

Do the bustle!

The day was capped off by some sign making.

Check these out:

And a menu mockup!

I also picked up the bridesmaid dresses. They are gorgeous! Picked out BM gifts (aka accessories for the day).


I only have a gazillion more things to do.



  1. OOO! Love the signs and menu mockup! Everything is looking great!

  2. Your getting there, love the basket for the dancing shoes! SO CUTE!

  3. That menu looks great!

  4. Things are looking great! I'm a sucker for shimmery things. :)

  5. great signage! you're getting so close!!


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