Friday, October 21, 2011

Food is Yumz

Soooo full

We had our tasting earlier this month. It was A-mazing! There was so much food.

It was a little excessive. Everything was served exactly the way it would be on the day. I was expecting smaller portion sizes but nope. Everything was full size and delicious.

Wanna see?

We're going to have four courses, an amuse bouche (bite sized delicacy before the appetizer), an appetizer, an entree, then dessert.

First up were our two amuse bouche choices.

Butternut Squash soup sip with caramelized onion tart

Burrata cheese and tomato

We went with the soup sip. It's served on a triangular plate and works with the alice-y theme.

Butternut squash tortelloni with Parmesan truffle cream

Wild mushroom and Gruyere tartlet

Love love love the tart. It was flaky and cheesy and delicious. The mushrooms were perfect.

We chose the pasta because we thought more people would like it. It was also super good.



Do you see the like pillow looking things on the chicken dish? Exquisite. Light airy and wonderful.

The celery root puree was sort of like mashed potatoes but better. So much better.

Methinks no one will go hungry at the wedding.

The vegetarians should be happy since the first two courses have no meat. My only concern is what to feed to my gluten-frees. I'm hoping the caterers come up with something good.

Did you have a tasting? Were you pleasantly surprised?


  1. omg! my mouth just watered! I am soooo gonna start looking for a more loosely fitting dress lol

  2. Love butternut squash. All that is excellently presented.
    I was surprised my mine as I was expecting it to be less special, like more of a conveyor belt type food, like how some wedding food is, if you get what I mean.

  3. yum!!! This definitely wasn't the best post to read first thing in the morning, lol! Everything looks yummy and divine!!! If I lived in New York I would totally crash your wedding! (LOL! JK!)

  4. Wow, so much yumminess all in one place. Your guests are going to love you guys!!

  5. wow, that looks amaaazzzing!! Such great selections!

  6. So now I'm starving. I love the soup sip.. the presentation is great.


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