Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So.... about the dresses. . .

Uh oh!

This was one of those fun weekends that started off with a call on Friday. A call I was looking forward to.  

Yay the bridesmaid dresses are in!!!
What? There's only one dress? Why surely you jest?

Well my name isn't Shirley and he definitely wasn't kidding.

::Cue dramatic music::

I have 4 bridesmaids and one dress. It's not like they can share. Imagine that!

The story is the girl didn't process the order. The solution was to find a Dessy dress or two that I liked because they could rush those out.

I was mostly calm and spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday trying to figure out what to do. Minimal tears were shed.

On Monday I called up and asked if we could rush my original dresses. We also scheduled to go pick up the lone Lazaro dress. The Lazaro dress is gorgeous but now what? Naked bridesmaids?

This is why NYC rocks. I was already in the fashion district so the guy walked us over to the Bridal Building on Broadway and introduced us to Hanna from H & S. Apparently this building was chock full of bridal salons back in the day. The store was tiny but Hanna was super nice and we found 2 new dresses. The closest color to eggplant was african violet.

My two sisters will wear this dress.

Style 6610

My SIL will wear this dress.

Style 6611

My sisters are practically twins anyway so it won't be too weird. Plus Sister had the brilliant idea of adding some bling to hers since she's the MOH.

I only lost it a little in the shop when I started to tear up and complain of chest pains. It was a moment. I had to let the whole thing go because...really I had no other options.

C'est la vie. The wedding will be fine and my bridesmaids will have clothes. I suppose it could be worse.

I wrote this on one particularly bad day at work and printed it out to hang in my office. It will serve me well as the wedding planning train hits a few bumps along the way.

lessons i must learn to accept
things may not be perfect
but they are good and i am incredibly lucky
i would be remiss
to dismiss
all that i truly have
in search of elusive things


  1. wow how stressful!!! Thanks goodness you had it all worked out..yay NYC! Let this be the worst thing that happens in this process so far. I can't believe how soon it is! This is very exciting:) :)

  2. well thank goodness it all worked out and that you kept your composure...i for sure would have been a blubbering mess

  3. I'm so sorry this happened! But you handled in so well! The new dresses are super cute!

  4. My word how awful. Isn't Dessy HQ in Nyc - just thought you could've knocked on their door. I love Dessy but I must say I love these new ones - it was just obviously meant to be. That's how I looked at things, when 'things may not be perfect'.


  5. I'm glad you were able to figure something out.. such a bummer that you had to go through that, though. I love all the dresses!


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