Monday, July 11, 2011

4 Month Mark Today!!!!

Hot Tamale!!! I swear this wedding thing is like right around the corner. How did that happen??? I got so used to planning forever but now it's getting realer every day. I'm feeling a curious mix of excitement and sheer terror.

In other news my engagement session is a go for next week. Yay!!!!  It was Lil Sister's idea to score these shoes for the session.



I think I'll be using them for my wedding day shoes as well. I just have to break them in and make sure I can maneuver in them.


  1. *cue mini freak out* LOL! It really is becoming more and more realer everyday, isn't it? I think I'll enter panic mode on the 3 month mark.. haha.

    Ps. I LOVE those shoes!! I can't wait to see how some of your engagement pics come out! Have fun!

  2. Do break the shoes in, it will pay off.

    I found at about 4 months I felt how you're feeling. As you get closer the terror will disappear and excitement and love will set in.

  3. Those shoes are awesome! And four months to go!! WOW, so exciting for you!!

  4. OMG... just four months to go!! you're practically walking on the aisle now ;) Hope to see the engagement sessions posted soon...the shoes are:WOW! Tiffany XOX

  5. The shoes would be GREAT for the wedding as well as the e-sesh!! Good luck!!


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