Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Did you forget something?

Way back when, I mentioned something about the guest experience and bathroom baskets. I've been stalking the dollar section at Target so that I can scoop up a deal or two. The other day I found the perfect bathroom baskets. 

That Target is a tricky store and you have to pay attention in their dollar section. You know why? Because some things cost more than a dollar. Boo hiss! Anywhos, I found these grayish mesh baskets and a couple of wooden Hs that I just couldn't pass up. Wanna see? 

Each basket cost me $2.50 and each H cost $2.50. Seeeee I told you Target was trick-sy.

I'll fancy up the basket with some purple ribbon and then add a sign on some leftover silver cardstock like so.

Sister makes a great hand model!

When I'm ready to fill the basket I'm going to use my cash back to get a $50 gift card to CVS and then stock up.

Anybody else doing bathroom baskets?   


  1. I think I may now, those are so cute and such a good idea!

  2. Are these from the Atlantic Center target? I'm desperate for baskets, but refuse to spend more than $3...if so, I'm going to have to hunt these suckers down :)

  3. @jennybusybee: Those are totally from the Atlantic Center Target! Get on that!

  4. Very cute! I love the H's. And I thought about doing bathroom baskets too but thinking of maybe nixing the cost..not sure on that one yet.

  5. 2.50 still isn't bad! I'm sure they'll love awesome :)


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