Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wanna Play a Game?

Today marks 111 days till 11.11.11! Just thought I'd point that out.


In other news. . .

So I had this idea. Just go with me on this one. I'm nixing the caricaturist and I'm not doing a photobooth. Ideally I'd like everyone to just dance, dance.

But. . .

I know everyone isn't into the dance scene sooooo. . . How about a little trivia folks! Here's where I need your help. The idea needs some refining. The cool part is that I'll use Moo cards to incorporate my totally going to be awesome engagement pictures.

Here are the deets:

During the cocktail hour we'll leave the trivia cards on the tables and by the bar.

Option 1:
The cards will have interesting (says me) tidbits about the couple (us)

Option 2:
The cards will have questions about the couple (us) and in parentheses (because I love them) a hint as to where to get the answer. For example: K majored in what subject during undergrad? (ask a college friend). I like this option because it encourages mingling.

Option 3:
A combination of both options 1 & 2 because when I can't make decision I choose both.

This seems like it would be an easy passive activity during the cocktail hour. The trick is to make the tidbits interesting.

During dinner each place setting will have an answer sheet and a pencil . Guests who want to play answer the questions and then drop the completed answer sheets in a jar next to the DJ. There will be 4 bonus questions on each answer sheet pertaining to something specific about one guest at each table. Guests only have to get the answer about their tablemate correct.  See me still encouraging mingling???

During the night, answer sheets will be picked out of the jar. Those with all the right answers will win. . .wait for it. . .a CENTERPIECE!

So is this too complicated? Will anybody play? Am I absolutely mad? Feedback greatly appreciated.



  1. I was worried about people mingling, but my word did they mingle. I wouldn't worry about feeling the need to encourage it, I don't think you'll need to.

  2. I think this is a great idea! A friend of mine is planning on incorporating trivia into their wedding. I like option 3 - because really, both options sound great!

  3. Souunds like a cool idea and kind of encourages mingling. Or you could do something along the lines of a madlibs..those are cut and fun too! Everyone loves a mad lib!

  4. It definitely sounds like fun, but I think it applies to a certain crowd - so if you have very social, mingle-y friends and fam, it could totally work. I would be worried about it being a bit too complicated for my own posse, heh, but I could see it working!


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