Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Party News


Like many a bride to-be before me I've decided to create a newsletter. I kinda really waned to mail it out but I think I'm just going to email it. But everybody loves mail right? I could print them on glossy paper and . . .sigh. I could also just stop hemorrhaging money and take the easy and free way out. What's a girl to do!

This will be the first of two. We don't have a lot going on in the way of events and stuff so I think we would only need to do one more. Let's see if that really happens. 

I found some pretty decent templates in Microsoft Word. This is actually a Christmas newsletter I messed around with.

Onward to the print media!

The first page was intro stuff and a "snapshot box" for the guys. The intended audience is the entire wedding party. In typing this, I just realized that I forgot to include the flower girls' dresses. In any event, I figured the guys might not read it so I tried to lay out their info as quickly and cleanly as possible. 

I also scattered some pictures of the venue throughout just in case anyone was curious. The second page has a little more detail for the guys and info for the girls.

The last page is all about our informal reheasal dinner and info on the hotel block.

It's not quite done yet. It needs a few tweaks. I'm also waiting on some additional info I need to include but it will probably go out next week.  

How are you keeping the wedding party informed?


  1. I have a bridesmaids newsletter right now. I just emailed it. I will probably do a wedding party one a little later.

  2. that's awesome! I just emailed our bridal party with updates..but wish I had done this!

  3. Looks great so far! I sent one newsletter our to my bridesmaids, but they didn't really seem to care for it one way or the other.. lol. They really don't have much to do with the wedding.

  4. That is awesome!!! What a great idea. I have not gotten that far yet so I just may steal your idea too to include in our welcome bags etc.

  5. Looks good so far! I'm thinking of doing something similar via email - much easier to send and reply to!


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