Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chooo Chooo!!!

Caveat:  It’s really not that bad but I just needed to vent. I’m still very grateful and appreciative for all the good fortune I’ve had.
Ladies and gents, the disappointment train has left the station and is now making local stops.  


First stop: The Four Weddings Junction

Now don’t go thinking ill of me but I applied to be on the TLC show Four Weddings.  I’m a huge fan of the show. It’s like doing research on things from a guest’s perspective.  I love it! Anywhos, I was totes excited to be moving along in the process until BAM!  My venue put the kibosh on the whole thing.  I’m super ticked at them. There was some claim about the exhibit in the spot for the ceremony strictly prohibiting commercial filming.  

Hopes and dreams DASHED! As if they haven’t screwed me enough already.  Why can’t they just blur the pictures? Seriously, Brooklyn Museum?!? Seriously?!?  You really couldn’t work with me on this one. 

No matter I guess it’s alright. I didn’t really want to be on an AWESOME nationally televised reality show.  I didn’t really want the opportunity to win an all expense paid honeymoon in an exotic locale. Thanks Brooklyn Museum for saving me from such a wretched fate. 

On the bright side:  Genevieve from Four Weddings was super sweet. I was quite excited to be working with her. I still think the show is awesome. Unlike some shows, the focus isn’t on creating drama and showing anyone in a negative light. If you are at all considering the show, go for it.

Next stop:  Invitation valley
I’d really appreciate it if the rest of my invitation “suite” would show up on my doorstep. I’d also really appreciate it if they would respond to my emails. 'nuff said.

Further stops: I’d really like to get that promotion at work but I probably won’t get it Intersection; The I won’t be getting a weave for the engagement session Mesa Verde

Here are my recent ramblings on disappointment:

I think everybody has a lifetime disappointment quota and I’m not close to hitting mine. I better get used to it cause there’s plenty of disappointment on the horizon.

I’m not even close to my weekly disappointment quota. It’s only Sunday. I’ve got tons of week left.

At this rate I’ll hit my weekly quota by Wednesday.  I’m averaging three disappointments a day now.
What’s your take on disappointment?


  1. Oye total bummer about your venue putting the kibosh on the four wedding thing, that would have been sooo awesome to watch you on there and say that I "kinda" know her. And I know you'll hate me for saying this but everything happens for a reason. Try to cheer up!

  2. I think you you have to think of it that it's karma for something good you've had. For example, I loved our wedding day however there were a couple of disappointments which I have to think is a small price to pay for not having rain, which it was raining for days either side.

  3. Eek! I'm sorry, that is frustrating.

    Everyone can tolerate different levels of disapponment, and it really sounds like you've had your fair share!

  4. I'm so sorry about the Four Weddings thing :( I would have probably thrown a hissy fit due to the fact that they say on their site that they welcome commercial videography and photography. So dumb.

    I always try not to "set myself up for disappointment".. aka, expect the worst. How pessimistic, right? And it never really works, because of COURSE you would get excited for all the things you mentioned. Ice cream usually helps my disappointment blues :) Cliché but true!

  5. So, I just discovered the show Four Weddings last week. Fell in love. Am now addicted. What a bummer about your venue- sorry about that. :/

    I know from experience... just got to focus on the positives (because they're sure to outweigh the negatives!)- it is good to get if off your chest though. Blogging tonight was good medicine for me...


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