Friday, July 29, 2011

Cause Heels Hurt

I finally got around to buying flip-flops at Old Navy. I wasn't prepared for the $1 flip-flop sale and missed it. You really have to get there early. That sale is insane. I managed to get to an Old Navy store late in the afternoon on the day of the sale and pretty much all of the flip flops were gone. The only things left were the ones for guys.

I did get an interesting tidbit from the sales guy though. He said I could pick up some random ones at the $1 price and just exchange them for the size and color I wanted later. At the time I should've taken him up on that offer but I just wasn't ready to commit to the flip flops yet.

The other day I stopped into Old Navy and the flips were on sale for $2. Hmm...again most of the stock was gone but it wasn't as bad as the $1 sale. I snatched up 23 pairs in random colors and sizes. I'll be exchanging them for ones in my wedding colors eventually. The best part is that I used a gift card ( thanks Discover!). I redeemed $40 in cash back for a $50 gift card. 

Look upon the spoils of victory!


  1. I love cash back rewards!!! I've been trying to plan how to spend mine for a week. I have a zero balance on my card because I pay it off as soon as I use it- but then get the rewards too!! Woohoo!! :) I can almost afford a $100 prepaid visa card now... which I could use anywhere!

    p.s. great tip about exchanging them after they restock!!!!

  2. Glad you made your mind and got'em... but hey.. those sales are crazy!!! you prsctically have to sleep over at the store's door! ;) Tiff

  3. I love me some Old Navy flips!!! Awesome snag!

  4. That's such a good point/idea with being able to exchange them!! Genius! I'll have to tell my friend that - she wanted to do the same thing!

  5. What a smart idea! I wish I had waited and done that with the Old Navy tank tops I bought...ah well..


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