Monday, July 18, 2011

E-session prep

So I think I have everything set for pictures tomorrow. Here's what I have on my list:


  • Two sweet outfits for me ( a short fun flirty dress and a longer dress)
  • Two sweet outfits for Mr. H (mostly shirt changes)
  • Accessories for my sweet outfits ( I have to remember to borrow a necklace from Lil Sister.)
  • Shoes! 
  • I had my eyebrows done yesterday. ( Generally, I like to keep them an unruly mess but girl's gotta get her pretty on for pictures.)
  • I'm getting a mani/pedi today.
  • Hair & Makeup tomorrow
  • Ring cleaning tomorrow

Am I missing anything?


  1. WOW sounds like you are all set to go. More set to go than I was. I hope you'll share them with us!!!! Just have fun with it!

  2. So exciting!! Hope you guys have fun :))


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