Friday, June 3, 2011

Maintenance Plan

What do you notice about these pictures?

How about this one?

Yep. Pretty hands and pretty feet. Not my cute of tea. I’m not particularly girly. Don’t do manis or pedis. Since I realize that my hands and possibly toes will be getting some serious overexposure come November I’ve started a maintenance plan. Sigh. I’m going to have to start getting regular manis and pedis. I’m also going to have to get on a better hair maintenance schedule as well.

It’s hard being a girl.

*All pictures from Ruffled


  1. You should see my feet. Gross. Pedis make them pretty for all of a day, lol. So much maintenance to be a girl, for sure!

  2. I find the best thing for my feet is taking a walk on the beach regularly and it makes my feet super smooth.

  3. Too funny, I was just thinking about this too last night. The last time I had a pedi was a year ago for my sisters feet need some serious help before 2012!

  4. I know! It is crazy all the things we have to worry about before the big day. I am currently worried about my skin (and not just on my face, tan lines are a b*tch) and my hair. So hard being us.

  5. Blah. Natural is so much easier. I hate messing around with chipped nail polish. Try a 4 sided filer with a buffer and shine side then just use a clear coat.


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