Monday, June 20, 2011

Bridesmaid Dressing

Bridesmaid stressing always second guessing
Which ones should I choose
I think I’m gonna lose
My mind over this
Something isn’t right
This whole thing has got me tight

I’m not a rapper but I play one on my blog. Holler!

The dresses I’ve picked so far that are keepers:


Lazaro Style 3136


Jim Hjelm Style 5132

Now for the problems. This has nothing to do with the bridesmaids. This is all me and my indecisiveness.

Lil Sis

Jim Hjelm Style 5080

She loved this dress but silly me didn’t pay attention to the fact that it didn’t come in eggplant. Boo hiss! I was totally sold on it and now I have to figure out a different dress for Lil Sis.


Jim Hjelm Style 5033

I liked this especially because of the neckline. Here’s the rub though: what kind of necklace goes with a one shoulder dress? Grrr . . not a real deal breaker but it made me consider changing that dress.

The other (potential) issue is differing fabric. The dresses for MOH & Sister are taffeta. The two dresses I was considering for SIL and Lil Sis are chiffon. Is that going to look crazy?



  1. I don't think it will look too crazy. Maybe you can go to a store and see what the fabrics look like next to each other.

  2. I think chiffon and tafetta will work well, but the colors will appear slightly different in the different fabrics. I agree with Miss Tattoo - do you have the opoprtunity to go and look and see how they look together, or maybe order a swatch or something?

  3. Wow, these dresses are beautiful! And I don't think mis-matched materials would look crazy at all. Since the dress styles themselves are already different, I think it's totally OK to have different materials as well. One of my friends did this for her bridesmaids (some wore chiffon, and some wore silk), and it looked totally great because they had different dress styles anyway!

  4. You should put the two fabrics next to each other and see.. but I'm thinking it'll be fine. As for the one shoulder dress - a VERY short necklace, one that just fits the neck (think a bit longer than a choker) would work with it. Maybe a nice, short strand of pearls?

  5. All gorgeous dresses, I love the one for sister. I think they will all look great together being in the same color and length. But definitely get samples and compare before making a decision.

  6. Good points all! I'll try to get the ladies to a bridal salon next week to get a feel for the fabrics and how they might look together. @steph c: I always forget to consider pearls.


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