Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diamond District

A girl gets tired of pining for diamonds, face pressed up against the computer screen. A girl wants to feel the metal wrapped around her delicate digits and watch it sparkle under fluorescent lights.  Woo hoo!!! Field trip!!!
The Diamond District

A friend of ours recommended a jeweler with offices in the diamond district. So off we went. We were a bit on the early side for our appointment so we wandered into Michael C. Fina. What a happy accident that was!

Such an awesome store. “Wine, champagne, juice, water?” Excuse me? Did they just offer me champagne just to browse the store? Holy majolies!!! A consultant was with us in seconds.

Word to the wise: Try some rings on. Remember when I said I liked these rings:

Well not so much in person. Don’t get me wrong. They are gorgeous. They just didn’t give me that “engagement ring” feel.  And, I had sworn up and down, no rounds but alas those lovelies looked really nice on my finger. I was having waaay too much fun trying on the rings but we still had to see a man about diamonds. Onward!

Next up:  The Man with the Diamonds


  1. I get awe-struck in jewelery stores because of how sparkly everything is! LOL!

  2. I can't wait to see how this ends up! Truthfully I only tried on one style of ring, but luckily we both loved it!

  3. I love how vintage the halo looks and it just fits me so well! So shiny!

  4. I'm halo for an anniversary present somewhere down the line. They are sooo pretty.


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