Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Proposal Part I

After Mr. H and I had the “talk” I started surfing around that world wide web looking for rings. To be honest I was looking at rings before the “talk”.

For those curious souls this is how the talk went down:

Me: Okay, Buddy boy! What are we doing here?
(real romantic I know)

Mr. H: Pardon me?

Me: Am I wasting my time here? It’s been a year and a half…

Mr. H: So you want to know if we’re going to get married, eh?

Me: Dang skippy! Sooo what’s the haps paps?

What followed was an in-depth discussion about future goals, living arrangements, kids & such.

Mr. H: Now that we got everything sorted out it seems clear, based on our analysis, that marriage would indeed be an acceptable level of progression in this relationship.

Me: Squeet!

Mr. H: You want a ring sooner or later?

Swoon. Best. Proposal. Ever.


  1. love the idea of an alice in wonderland wedding! I cant wait to hear more as your planning unfolds!

  2. hehehe. thats amazing! I can feel the romance :D

    I try not to tell people that i was pretty tipsy when D proposed so I don't even remember what he said... its not my fault it was day one of our trip to the Dominican Republic and we were at an ALL-INCLUSIVE resort.


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