Friday, November 12, 2010

Venue Stalking

So we did a little informal venue walkthrough yester-eve. It was Lil Sis, Sister, Mumsie and me. Here are some pictures (as taken by Lil Sis).

The ceremony space is the front lobby area of the museum.

We haven't decided how to orient the seats yet. We also haven't decided how the bridal party should enter. So many things to consider. Gracious me! This probably won't happen until we get closer to the date since they like to move around the statues and installations in this area.

The cocktail hour will be in the ambulatories surrounding the reception space.

It's nice because we won't have to dress it up too much. There's art on the wall for people to look at and talk about. Instant conversation starters.

Since the reception space is right there we were thinking about draping or screening to close it off so there's a reveal. Or we could just leave it open and dark which might be interesting. Once the lighting is up the space would come to life. We have to play around with that concept. My only concern is people trying to enter the space before it was time. Hmmm...

This is the reception space. Yums!!!

I'm hoping to make an appointment for later this month to do another walkthrough and talk to the new catering director. Sister took tons of notes during our informal visit and we have tons of questions. Given the past drama I'm a little apprehensive about the new person but I'll try to stay positive.

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  1. Wait you are getting married at the Brooklyn Museum! OMG. I love that place :D

    Also regarding that contest situation, I ended up ending them to filming my wedding and they did offer me an A-MAZING price!


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