Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hydrangea in the House

Since we've decide to dedicate a bloom per room the trick here is giving each space a distinctive vibe. The ceremony space is tasked with being romantic, hence the roses. The cocktail hour is a different beast. It's everybody’s favorite part of the wedding. Here’s why:

1) no boring speeches (I mean heartfelt toasts.)
2) no embarrassing displays (I mean heartfelt toasts.)
3) an abundance of food either circling you or laid out before you waiting to be devoured
4) cocktails
5) no forced conversations with your pre-assigned table-mates

The cocktail hour rocks! The goal for this space is a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The flower of choice here is the hydrangea. Not an overbearing flower. I’m thinking about something that looks like this:

If I decide not to use the 20 vases I recently acquired for a candy buffet. I’ll probably use them for the tables during the cocktail hour.

Bring on the merriment!



  1. PRETTY! I'm loving the themes so far!

  2. I love the "one bloom per room" idea! It's really unique--and I'm totally with you on cocktail hour, it tends to be my favorite part too.

  3. Pretty picture. I am not usually a huge fan of hydrangeas because I think they can be really overbearing in an arrangement but they look great here. Thanks for opening my eyes and Good choice!

  4. We're using hydrangeas too. Love them!

    Super cute idea dedicating one bloom per room. I would totally steal your idea if we had multiple areas!


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