Sunday, November 21, 2010

If the Shoe Fits. . .

So remember when I told you about that wedding contest a week or so before? Well I finally have some pictures to share so I can tell you the whole story.

Once upon a time a wee maid (me) signed up for promotional stunt / wedding contest. It was sponsored by Wedding Central and the wee maid was thrilled to be participating. She received a message from the organizers asking her to confirm her participation ASAP. Being the excited maiden she was, she rang them up right away. Alas, she only got their voicemail.

She spent the next several days dialing and leaving messages. She didn’t mind so much as she enjoyed the automated British woman on the other end.  It was mere days before the event and she still had not heard back from the organizers. She was frantic. She found the company website and emailed everyone who had an email address listed. Finally, she got a response from a young woman who told her that she had been dropped from the contest because they had not heard from her. For shame! The wee maid was totes bummed. As luck would have it the same young woman contacted her late that evening and informed her that she could still participate due to someone dropping out. The wee maid was totes stoked. Awesome! 

The rest of the story will be told in pictures (mostly). Pictures from MobileMe Gallery

The point of the stunt was to have a bunch of girls dressed up in wedding dresses rummaging through shoe boxes to find a pair that fit their foot. The first girl to find a designer pair of shoes that fit won $5,000. The rest of the girls won the designer shoes they found.  All in all it was a right good time even though I won ab-sooooo-lutely nothing.

On your marks...

The mad dash to the pile of shoe boxes.

The lovely Khloe K stands in front of our destination.

The search begins.

Desperation sets in.

The carnage!!!

It was quite the day!
Anybody else do something crazy for a contest?


  1. You didn't even get a pair of designer shoes? Oh no! Looks like a fun event though!

  2. No shoes. Baah! I did snatch up one of the fake flower bouquets. I'll probably use that for my rehearsal. I had a great time.

  3. AHH! I would totally do this if I ever lived anywhere near cool stuff, lol! I can't believe you didn't even get a pair of shoes. I would have found a bride with the same shoe size as me that found a pair and take them and run! LOL!... just kidding, I'm too fat to run that far, HAHA!

  4. If I'd had my wits about me I would've taken the decoy shoes. Although not designer they were still right nice. Baaah!


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