Monday, June 13, 2011

Alice-y Etsy Goodness

Etsy seller asklaver

This is art I could invest in!

Etsy seller kutekardz

I'm toying with the idea of doing some wacky signs by the elevators or at the entrance. The way the ceremony space is designed I could use the signs to direct guests in different directions but have them end up in the same place.

Etsy seller AnistaDesigns

Etsy seller ThistleandJug

Etsy seller ThistleandJug

I totally want to use these somewhere. If we decide to do a little lounge area we could put this on the side table.



  1. I love all things etsy. Those side lamps are adorable and then you can use them again in your home! I also love the signs!

  2. The lamps are adorable! I love the idea of pointing the signs by the elevators in all different directions - you'd have to make sure it wasn't TOO confusing, but I"m sure you could pull it off!

    I also love the idea of having signs by the drinks that say 'drink me' and signs by the food that would say 'eat me' and maybe one by guest book for 'sign me'.. super Alice-y :)

  3. I love the little glass color bottles!

  4. I love the teapot lamps! And definitely re-purpose-able!

  5. I love the little "drink me" tags! Very cute!

  6. I adore these!!! I especially love the sign ideas and the drink me bottles.

    I helped plan a baby shower once and toyed with the idea of doing a tea cup exchange. Every guest brought a cheap little tea cup, left it on the front table, and took a new one on the way out =] Thrift stores, hole in the wall antique stores and other sell out places have adorable ones for cheap.


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