Friday, June 17, 2011

Overly Sentimental


I don't know what's wrong with me lately. As the wedding gets closer I'm getting more and more weepy. I'm not full on bawling my eyes out but I start to get misty more than usual. 

Here are a couple of examples.

The other day I was on the train and saw someone that reminded of someone I haven't seen in ages. I started to get weepy eyed. Like there was, for real, an excess of moisture around the ocular region. What's up with that?

And today I was reading the comments you guys left on a post and I started to get weepy eyed. I'm so appreciative that you take the time to comment on my weird ramblings. I read your blogs and get genuinely excited when good things are happening. OMG I'm so totally jazzed that @AlwaysWright is getting hitched this weekend!!! 

Now I'm getting weepy again. . .

Is anybody else going through this?


  1. oh it's called emotional basketcase syndrome - it happens before the wedding. i couldn't even go near the hallmark section of the store haha

  2. Haha! Not yet, but I'm sure I will be...its a lot of emotions for not only that one day, but this one time period. I remember finding this song that I thought Mr. C and I could use for our first dance, and I kept playing it over and over...and sobbing. He thought I was a nut bag. Now I hear it and I'm like...oh, pretty song. But nothing more. Ahhhhhhhh wedding planning.

  3. lol Oh man do I know! I'm a year out! I watched My Best Friend's Wedding last night and cried at the opening song! WTF!?

  4. OH yes for sure..especialy when I see pictures or videos of weddings of dads walking the bride down the aisle with the music playing on the video gets me every time!!

  5. I completely agree! I can't think of anything that I have gotten oddly misty over lately but it was something. Maybe a song on the radio. It is a weird time!

  6. Is it weird if I'm always like this? Lol. I can't even imagine what I'll be like when we get closer to the wedding.


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