Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ring Bearer

Can’t forget about the ring bearer! Here are some darling outfits for my nephew.

Dapper Lads

Dapper Lads

It’s so hard to find boys’ dress wear but I happened upon two good sites with super boys’ clothes.

I like the idea of just a vest for the ring bearer. I was thinking grey or silver with a lavender tie. The lighter color in contrast to the darker colors the groomsmen will have on. 

The hard part now is picking what he’s “bearing” those rings in.
We could do a hollowed out book but I can’t even bear to fold a page over in one of my books. I could tie a flower around a book like this and that would be neat.

Source w/ tutorial

There’s the ever popular ring bowl or traditional ring pillow which could work. And if I get lazy will probably work.

My other thought (actually a friend of mine came up with it) was to use the old VHS box from the Disney movie.




  1. I love the VHS idea and you could get it really cheap. So original!

  2. VHS idea for the win!! You can have the rings on a little pillow inside the cover :)))

  3. I think it's adorable! We have a running joke here that we're just going to tie a pair of wings to the pillow because when I asked my nephew if he'd be our Ring Bearer, he snapped back and said, "what the heck is a Wing bearer?" and my fiance, mr. witty said, “well obviously you carry the wings down the aisle.” So there is a very good possibility that this will come to fruition... lol.

    P.S. we’re located in Queens and we were originally going to do an Alice theme as well but opted to go for a general Victorian/Edwardian theme instead. So we have a massive amount of mix and match tea cups and so forth that we can give you if you’d like! Let me know!

  4. Love the vest idea for the ring bearer..and I like the VHS too..or do you and your fiance have a favorite movie that you could use instead of disney?

  5. The book with the flower around it is too cute

  6. Love the waistcoat idea, so cute.

  7. @Bride-onicles: My other thought was Lord of the Rings LOL!


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