Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Wrap-up & July Gear-up

Surprise, I actually made some progress on my June agenda. I'm a little shocked myself. BM dresses are still up in the air with the groomswear but I booked a florist and put down the deposit for the caterer. About dang time!  I also scored some wedding day accessories.

Oh my oh my Juuuuu-ly:

Lighting – I have to follow-up with this guy and really nail down how much I'm willing to spend on lights.

Hair & Makeup  – Doing trials (sort of) this month.

Cocktail hour / reception entertainment -  Even though consensus was yay for the caricature artist I'm not sure if I want to spend the dough. I'm concerned about lines and not everybody getting to do it, plus I really don't want to have things competing with the dance floor. I have another idea which I'm still fine tuning. More on that later.

Caterpillar - We should probably get started on that guesterpillar. At the very least we should look into getting materials. Ideally I'd like this built over the summer but where am I storing a giant caterpillar? Sigh.

Mock-ups - If I'm super lucky I might get to see some table and floral mock-ups this month which would be awesomeness.

Newsletter -- If I stop wavering on the BM and groomswear I'll finally get the wedding Party newsletter finished so that the BMs can order the dresses (I'm kinda behind on that one.) Dang it!

DOC -- Ummm.... I think I should be looking into getting one because contrary to what Sister says she can't do everything. Humph!



  1. Does your venue offer an event coordinator that can act as the DOC? Our event coordinator will be our DOC.

  2. @Bride-onicles: We do but I've been through so many staff changes at the venue that I'm a bit wary. I'll ask them though. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

  3. Bahhhh and humph! I'm amazing see how amazing that hair accessory I bought is??


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