Thursday, June 2, 2011

to florist with love

I’ve been trying to wrangle a quote from the florist for ages. Alas, no luck so far. It’s time to change tactics.

Old tactic: Hey Florist look at my pretty inspiration boards and the sketches my sister drew of the tables. Nice, right? So how much for all that?

:: cricket cricket::
New tactic: Hey Florist here’s what I want and how much I’m willing to pay. Deal? Good. Now I can budget for flowers.

This is what I’ll be passing over to the florist. (All pictures from Style Me Pretty unless otherwise noted.)

Bridal bouquet criteria
My bouquet should be lavender roses maybe some cream in there to make it more bridal. I’m going to need some crystals. The shape is round and it doesn’t have to be colossal. It should be wrapped tightly with something sparkly (heavy to medium sequins) 
Total cost = $150

To show shape and size


Bridesmaid bouquet  criteria
Purple flowering kale / ornamental cabbage wrapped with ribbon 
Total cost = $300 ($75 per BM @ 5 BM)

Weddingbee Pro

Flower girls
Rose petals in creams and shades of purple  
Total cost = included (I really don’t want to pay for petals.)

Cocktail hour criteria
10 tables with small hydrangea centerpieces  
Total cost = $200

k is for Knot

Guest book table
2 Large eucalyptus sprays in vases on the floor on either side of the table 
Total cost = $60
Assorted flower arrangements (hydrangea, roses)    
Total cost = $75

Kinda like this only without the dirty water vase and like bigger

type of small arrangement

type of small arrangement

I have some teapots like these that I can use for the guest book table. 

Reception tables
Medium centerpieces 5 per table @ $30 each for 4 tables
Total cost =$600

Smaller filler centerpieces 
Total cost = $400 for all 4 tables

Mugs are cute but teacups would be better.

I love these purple carnations!


The rose bush in the backyard is blooming and Granmother (not a typo) put this dainty arrangement on the dining room table. I loves it! Something like this for the smaller centerpieces on the guestbook table or reception tables would be adorable.

Like this but without the plastic cup

Grand Total:  $1785 ( check my math please)

Does that seem reasonable? 


  1. What great ideas! Your new tactic should work, when I met with florists, I told them my budget and what I wanted and we went from there.

    I got very similar quotes for similar things that you have listed (we nixed the centerpieces due to budget and we're going a different route with the centerpieces) so it sounds about right to me. I'm from small town Indiana, though, so I don't know if that will make a difference or not.

  2. Sounds reasonable to me! Some of the florist we met with gave us quotes less than that and we had more centerpieces so I think it is definitely do able. Good luck!

  3. I have no idea about anything to do with flowers. So yes, sounds reasonable to me!!

    I like your new tactic.. go in with the set numbers, so she knows what exactly she's working with. Bravo!

  4. I had no idea about flower costs either, with ours, he gave us the quote and then said if it didn't fit in our budget we would make it work somehow..luckily his quote was under our budget so it was a win win! :)

  5. I've got no idea about flower costs in the US. But I guess it right and you are having alot of flowers. Though I've noticed this on WB that US bees have more flowers.


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