Monday, June 6, 2011

Flower Girl update

While avoiding making some other decisions (more on that later this week) I decided to tackle the task of outfitting the flowers girls. I technically haven’t asked them yet but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Since Mumsie loves her some Light in the Box I figured I’d give them a shot. (p.s. Lil Sis got her prom dress from them and that was a HUGE success!)

These are the two dresses I’m currently sweet on.

Light in the Box

This one is perhaps a bit more Alice-y or a bit more British.

Light in the Box
I’m loving how fun this one is.

The color for both is probably going to be lavender (in between the darker purple for the bridesmaids and the white for the bride). Also, they don’t have the right shade of purple. Their purples are either too blue or too red.

Here’s the best part:

personal pic

What are those you ask? Why flower girl baskets of course.
Target + Dollar section + Sometime around Easter = Score!!!

Lastly, I ordered “Will you be my flower girl?” cards from Etsy seller Arleen Designs.

Arleen Designs

Adorable, right?

I’ll be sending those out with a picture of the Light in the Box dress later this week.


  1. Too cute! Love how you're asking them with those adorable cards. And those baskets are sooo glitter-tastic, I want!

  2. I absolutely love the navy flower girl dress..they are both very precious though!! Love the card idea, I did that for my BM's!


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