Monday, February 28, 2011

David’s in My Head

Another Sunday. Another episode of My Fair Wedding. Le sigh. I’m left feeling a wee bit inadequate. As this wedding thing approaches I’m starting to hear David in my head.
Me: I’m so excited about my Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.

David: Is she kidding? Alice in Wonderland?  That’s fine for a kid’s birthday party but not for a wedding. How are we going to make this appropriate for a wedding?

Me:  My venue is super awesome! It’s an art museum.

David: Art museum and Alice in Wonderland? These don’t work together at all. I mean the space is lovely but it just doesn’t work with the vision. She needs a garden or an empty soundstage I can transform using carefully picked vendors whose companies I plug incessantly.

Me: I have my dress already and I think it’s Alice-y.

David: I know she loves her dress but I’ve got a whole line of dresses that would be so much better.

Me:  And my mom is making my cake!

David: OH NO!!! No bride of mine. . .

Le gran sigh. I know it’s crazy but I can’t stop watching the show and the voice just keeps getting louder.

Do you hear him too?


  1. I watch him every Sunday, too! Did you see the Alice and Wonderland episode he did? It made me think of you. I hear him in my head, too, at times. "She has a custom made polka dot.. no bride of mine.." and "A polka dot tie? This isn't prom" LOL! Oh well.

  2. I learned to tune him out ;) Mostly because, in all reality, no one can pull off what he pulls off with a realistic budget. And I say, to each their own. Be proud of your Alice in Wonderland wedding!!

  3. I think David Tutera mocks every bride. There is no way anyone will a reasonable budget could pull off a wedding even close to what he does. Besides he apparently doesn't like the color green so how great could he be :)

  4. K: Your wedding will be wonderfully yours, and that's all that matters.
    Danielle: I loved the Alice and Wonderland episode!
    steph c: A girl can only dream of a Tutera budget.
    Ms. Lemon: You made me snort out-loud :-)

  5. You don't want the Tuts anywhere near your wedding. Otherwise, you'll end up with no soul AND as a walking billboard for David Tutera, Inc. AND he'll cut out everything you like about your wedding plans. If you ask this Pip, he's running a huge scam. Pippa's Tip: You don't need David Tutera to mock your (lovely) wedding ideas on national tv AND change your ideas...unless those changes mean I get to jump out of your cake.


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