Monday, February 14, 2011

A Hallmark Production

I've never been one for celebrating this Hallmark produced holiday. Isn't it really just an excuse for couples to shove their "love" in the face of those poor sorry singles? Alas, I have fallen under the spell of V-day this year. It marks a year since "the ring" so I guess we can celebrate and acknowledge the day. Technically, "the ring" showed up around the 11th or the 12th (we don't really remember).  Anywho, Sister was making Valentine's Day cakes so we got one.

Pardon, my so-so pictures. Can you tell it's heart shaped?

They had an extra cheesecake that I snatched up. The cheesecake has a red velvet bottom and is topped with strawberries. Squeet!! Not to be outdone Mr. H will be making dinner (yummy steaks and sweet tater fries plus some plum wine). This is one of the many anniversaries we celebrate. More on that later. I just realized that it's actually our first anniversary of the year. Woo hoo!!

What's on your agenda today? Anything special or is this just a regular day for ya'll?


  1. Awesome cake! I hope you guys have a great day!

    We celebrated our Valentine's Day yesterday. We went to dinner and a movie and also the mail (where we bought DJ Hero 2 for each other as a gift, lol).. but we also got locked into Target and couldn't get back out into the mall to get to our car so we had to go outside and walk around the outside perimeter of the mall to get to the car. This resulted in my trying to climb a hill as a short call and slipping and sliding down a hill and into mud. Omg, it was SO embarrassing.. I had to walk almost the whole perimeter of the mall covered in mud. Not to mention, my purse dumped out when I feel and all the contents of my purse (including my cell phone) dumped out into the mud. LOL!.. what a date, huh? I laugh about it now, so it's all good.

  2. OMG! That's both tragic and hilarious. What a date indeed! I'm glad you can laugh about it now.

  3. Despite my irrational love of Hallmark movies, Pippa doesn't "do" the dreaded V-Day. In fact, my tradition includes watching Jane Austen adaptations, getting drunk on cheap booze and slinging obscenities from my fire escape so slurred that most people don't understand what the hell this Pip's about. Never ye mind that I live in the rear, and am in fact yelling at the construction workers tearing down the condemned building behind mine. But, the cheesecake does looks fab. Go CON AMORE! Pippa's Tip: despite the commercialism, sappiness and overall ridculosity, everyone tackles V-Day differently; don't be a Judgey McJudgerson.


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