Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why So Sensitive?

 This blog isn’t supposed to be a place to vent but. . .today I’m making an exception. I hang out on this site called Wedding Bee (perhaps you’ve heard of it?) rather frequently. Pretty much every day, several times a day. It’s a very warm, welcoming environment. It’s a great place to find tips and exchange ideas. You can bounce ideas off fellow brides when everyone in your life gets tired of hearing you talk about the wedding. I love it there but today I got annoyed.

It’s the same thing that usually annoys me on that site. Apparently, there’s been a lot of drama and people are a little reluctant to post because someone else might get offended and then BAM! You get a warning.  This is very sad and the problem is not those who post blunt opinions because people on the site aren’t necessarily malicious. The problem is the overly sensitive people. Here’s what really set me off. 

One poster expressed that it was stupid for her fiancé to spend X number of dollars on wedding invitations. Another poster took offense to the use of the word stupid because she was spending over X number of dollars on her invitations. Seriously?!? Seriously?!?

Now I don’t post a lot because I really don’t have that much to say. Plus I couldn’t say anything about this because that would start a fight.  Well, this is my blog and I can say whatever I want here. So there!

Now before you think I sided with the original poster based on my own personal feelings towards money spent on invitations, fear not. I’m spending ::cough::aprettypenny::cough:: on my invitations but I wasn’t offended by the use of the word “stupid” Clearly she wasn’t calling me or my choice stupid. She vented and used the word she felt best expressed her feelings on the subject.

I’m not in the habit of checking people on the internet (although I frequently would like to) so I didn’t post anything. Plus the original poster let it go and apologized for using the word “stupid”.

But this is what I wanted to say: 

If you are getting offended by what faceless people on the internet say on a message board thread that you decided to click on and read then what happens in the real world?

Do you dissolve into a puddle of tears if your fiancé complains that you made the coffee too strong?

Do you rage out if someone proclaims they hate the color green and your entire color scheme for the wedding is shades of green?

Do you curl up in the fetal position if you overhear someone complaining about the smell of someone’s perfume and you totally just bought that same perfume an hour ago?

If so, might I suggest you stop frequenting message boards on the interweb. If by chance you do and someone types something that offends you, please turn the computer off and go read a book. Unless you think the people in the book will offend your delicate sensiblities as well. In which case I'd invest in a one-way plane ticket to parts unknown and find a cave, away from civilization, to crawl into. (Too harsh? so what. my blog.)

In my humble opinion a lot of this sensitivity stems from 2 things:

  1. Too little ego – as in no self confidence in their own choices or decision making ability so they feel insecure
  2. Too much ego – as in they really do think it is about them. An exaggerated sense of self importance.
Come on people grab some perspective, a thicker skin and realize it’s not always about you.
Well I’ve ranted too much already. If you got this far, then thanks for reading.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled wedding planning…
Look at the pretty dressssssss…….


  1. I agree, people are too sensitive sometimes.

    Perhaps they feel it's safe to lash out because they don't really know the person they're freaking out to?

  2. Hahahahahaha...I got a warning yesterday! Hahahaha

  3. Weddingbee drives me crazy most of the time---I hardly read the boards anymore. I got flamed once for saying that lower budget brides need to back off higher budget brides (unless they are being assholes of course). Oh well.

    ANYWAY...I just found your blog from WB :)

  4. Oh lord, I have been victim to this far too many times... not being the sensitive one, but being the one that gets tackled by the sensitive ones. I'm on a tight budget.. some people aren't. Now, I never said anything was stupid.. but I once talked about how most wedding guests do not keep their wedding favors (unless it's something edible right away or amazing) and thus I would not spend money on personalizing favors that I know too well get forgotten or thrown away. Watch out typhoon of outrage. Sigh. But WB has a good thing. I found you! Love the blog, bravo!

  5. @MissMarie: Awww shucks! You're so sweet! The hive can be a little ridiculous sometimes. It's generally more good thanbad though.

  6. Well, if anyone appreciates a good rage & rant, it's this Pip. Well done, Peanut - I could almost feel the b-slap across my face with your words, "Too harsh? so what. my blog". An utter delight. Pippa personally has no patience for fragile women or delicate sensibilities overall. Pippa's Tip: the web is meant for strong, intelligent and liberated 21st century female folk. If you can't play with the big girls (note: I am talking maturity, not girth), then log off, stay in bed and whine about your "nerves" while no one listens and/or rolls their eyes at you, Mrs. Bennett. If Jane Austen couldn't handle you, then Pippa won't either.


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