Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Gear Up

My first Etsy purchase – I need to buy rubber stamps for the invites (Trust me this is going to be awesome!)

Seriously, find a florist. Like, seriously

More cake designs -- I'm feeling something with words and clocks. Flourish-y Alice quotes

Guest List -- I was going to try and start collecting addresses for the invitations but I've lost interest in this item. The guest list is still morphing as I add and delete people. I'm going to table this till April. Cool?

Seriously, a florist. I need to get a florist

Try on some bridesmaid dresses. Well not me try them on. Oh, you know what I mean. This may be pushing it for February but I might as well have it on my radar.

Start ordering invitation supplies (paper, boxes (yep, boxes!))

Fitness?? Grrrr

Ummm....stop creating registries (more on this later)

Ask the flower girls

Revisit the budget – Sigh.

Flight discounts (thanks Ms. Cheetah

Research Transportation options -- anybody have any cool ideas?

That's all folks!

1 comment:

  1. we used a bus for our transportation (old school school bus) and everyone loved it (and it made for some awesome pics too)


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